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KW Suspensions


For many years, KW automotive GmbH has been synonymous of products for car tuning and customization. KW offers its customers the widest range of suspensions in the world. The entire assortment - from lowered spring kits to spring and shock absorber kits to stainless steel threaded ring avilable in the three variants - has a variety of products unmatched on the market. KW automotive GmbH also develops racing solutions for national and international motorsport.

The KW competition racing program is successfully used by numerous racing teams on circuits around the world.
KW Suspenson

KW Variant 1 "inox-line"


The KW Variant 1 "inox-line" is our basic product for those who want a more pleasant and safe driving by customizing the height of their vehicle. Thanks to its quality finish, the stainless steel uprights, the anti-corrosion treated springs and the included end stops are synonymous with driving pleasure as well as long life for your car.

The KW Variant 1 "stainless steel-line" coilover satisfies the sporty driver with its harmonious basic setup. Our engineers develop a specific shock absorber and spring range setup for each car model to best balance sporty driving, comfort and safety. Once you've installed a KW suspension set up specifically designed for each car, you don't have to change the suspension. As a manufacturer, KW uses only its own internal resources, high-quality components and the same shock absorber technology as high-volume series manufacturers. With the KW Variant 1 suspension ring, the car's roll during compression is reduced and you benefit from a more responsive and sporty ride. 

KW Suspension V1 variante 1

KW Variant 2 "inox-line"


For drivers who not only want the look and feel of a stance, but also the lowering in a TÜV-approved range, we have the perfect solution with our KW Variant 2 "stainless steel-line" coilover.
There are many good reasons to buy our KW Variant 2 suspension system, not only for the stainless steel uprights or the long-life, corrosion-resistant components, but also for the possibility to adjust the dampers in rebound adjustment according to your needs (with 16 clicks adjustment). 
As with all KW suspension assemblies, our engineers develop the shock absorbers with vehicle-specific settings after several complete test cycles at the Nürburgring Nordschleife and in our 7-position dynamic test centre. With a KW coilover, the ride becomes more dynamic and direct. With the adjustment of the rebound damping setting with our KW Variant 2 coilover you can have more influence on the handling and comfort of the car. You can adjust the KW shock absorbers with 16 precise clicks (stiffer or softer) without affecting the compression valve at the bottom.

Depending on the type of vehicle, the rebound valve of the KW bi-tube shock absorbers is adjusted at the top end of the stem with an integrated adjustment wheel or with an Allen adjuster integrated in the package. By increasing the rebound force via the adjuster wheel, the roll is reduced, gaining more vehicle contact with the road and easier control of the car on fast stretches and corners. For example, by changing the wheel/tyre combination (as per the vehicle's owner's manual) to wider rims, with a KW Variant 2 coilover you can better adapt the combination of wheels and suspension.

Setup adjustable in rebound with 16 clicks.

With the KW Variant 2 "stainless steel-line" coilovers you have 16 clicks of rebound adjustment.  The rebound adjustment changes the driving dynamics if you change the rim setup or if you fit winter tyres.You can change the damping characteristics of the KW Variant 2 "inox-line". to obtain a more rigid or more comfortable set-up according to your needs.  The system is designed for all demanding drivers who want not only to decide on their own individual lowering but also the best setting for their driving pleasure.

KW Suspension V2
KW Vaiante 2

KW Variant 3 "inox-line"


For years now, the KW Variant 3 "stainless steel-line" coilover suspension has been one of the top products in the aftermarket and a benchmark in the suspension market. It convinces sports drivers, tuners, small and large series manufacturers such as Alpina, MTM, Manthey, Oettinger and many other leading companies in the international automotive market for its damping characteristics, quality finish and long life.
With a KW Variant 3 "stainless steel-line" coilover you will have a customized sporty lowering and excellent driving behavior on all roads. This kit comes from our long experience as a manufacturer and supplier of suspension for international motor sport such as the ADAC GT Masters touring car series, FIA GT1, FIA GT3, International GT Open, WTC, VLN and the legendary Nürburgring 24 Hours.

As well as our KW Competition programme KW Variant 3 "stainless-line"coilover allows separate and independent adjustment of the rebound and bump forces. This individual adjustment possibility is highly appreciated by sports car manufacturers, trainers and drivers all over the world.

Setup adjustable in rebound with 16 clicks + bump 12 clicks.

If you have already made the first performance or aesthetics changes to your car, our KW Variant 3 suspension  will complete your transformations in the best possible way.   The patented KW valve with technology for separate adjustment of rebound and bump forces allows individual set-up of your suspension. The KW valve in the lower part regulates the low bump speeds through 12 clicks.

There is no need for any specific key for adjusting compression thanks to the patented adjustment washer in the lower part of the stainless steel upright. With 12 clicks of compression adjustment you can manually influence the car's pitch without changing the characteristics of the springs, which adapt well to the rebound forces. 



By adjusting the rebound damping setting with our KW Variant 3 "stainless steel_line" coilover settings you can have more influence on the handling and comfort of the car with the 16 precise clicks.

Depending on the vehicle type, the extension valve of the KW two-pipe shock absorbers is adjusted at the top end of the stem with an integrated adjustment wheel or with an Allen adjuster integrated in the package.

By increasing the extension force via the adjuster wheel, the roll is reduced, gaining more vehicle contact with the road and easier control of the car on fast stretches and corners. For example, by changing the wheel/tyre combination (as per the vehicle's owner's manual) to wider rims, with a KW Variant 2 coilover you can better adapt the combination of wheels and suspension.


KW Vaiante 2
KW Variante 3 V3

KW Clubsport


The KW Clubsport coilover suspension combines the extreme KW racing technology of racing while retaining the original car components and TÜV approval.

It is therefore the ideal product to exploit the full potential of your sports car on track days, in test driving on the track, for fans of the Grand Prix circuits or on tracks such as the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

The KW Clubsport 2-way and KW Clubsport 3-way (with separate reservoirs) provide the user with numerous adjustment possibilities allowing him to adapt the suspension to his driving style and to the car's tire and wheel set-up.

The compression and rebound forces are adjusted independently and separately via clicks on the adjustment wheel integrated in the strut. On some applications you can also have optional upper bearings for camber adjustment.

KW ring gear Clubsport 2-vie Tecnologia Racing

The rebound adjustment knob provides 16 precise clicks  to personally find the ideal configuration for your vehicle. This gives you the ability to influence the load on the wheel/tyre combination by taking into consideration the characteristics of the chassis. Compression adjustment is independent of rebound; with 12 precise clicks the forces at low damping speeds are adjusted. Mainly used in combination with the wheel/tyre set-up.

These settings allow you to find the right combination for the weight of the car, the wheel/tyre combination, the different road surfaces and different environmental conditions.

  • independent and separate rebound and compression force adjustment

  • "inox-line" stainless steel technology

  • continuous modification of the sag

  • in a TÜV approved range

  • high quality components for a long life

  • extension forces adjustable with 16 precise clicks

  • compression forces adjustable with 12 precise clicks

  • unique and independent adjustment of the compression forces

  • optional aluminum upper bearings

KW Clubsport 3-way Aligner Winning technology in the 24-hour race

Using the Nordschleife as a testing ground and its 7-position dynamic driving simulator, KW developed the KW Clubsport 3-way coilover. Wheel loads, vehicle weight and body reinforcements (to increase chassis stiffness) can all be taken into account thanks to the Clubsport 3-way adjustability. Similar to the KW Competition 3-way coilovers, the adjustment of the compression forces at high and low speeds is done via the patented KW double control valve and placed on the separate tank.


You can manually adjust the low-speed compression damping with 6 precise clicks of the purple adjustment wheel. With the gold adjustment wheel you change the compression forces at high speeds with 14 precise clicks. The rebound forces are changed with exactly 16 clicks of the adjustment wheel. A reduction in extension forces offer a more comfortable ride suited to highway driving.


  • simplified rebound adjustment with exactly 16 clicks 

  • compression adjustment at low speeds with 6 clicks and at high speeds with 14 clicks

  • continuous lowering

  • TÜV approved range

  • high quality components for a long life

  • damping force adjustment with upper aluminum plates
KW Vaiante 2
KW Variante 3 V3
KW Clubsport

KW Variant 4


With the KW Variant 4 "inox-line" coilover suspension, we combine our industry-leading racing technology with a significantly increased everyday suitability for numerous high-performance vehicles. This allows for independent adjustment of rebound damping and low speed and high speed compression damping. KW supplies the Variant 4 with a vehicle-specific performance tuning. With adjustable shock absorbers, drivers can, if necessary, quickly switch to a comfort setting using the integrated adjustment dials on the shock absorber.

Patented two stage "TVR-A" technology allows small volume to flow through an adjustable conical bypass at low speed at low damper speeds, while at higher piston speeds, the rebound stage main valve opens for large volume flows. In this way, a great improvement in driving comfort is achieved without affecting the high speed in the field of safety. There are 16 precise clicks available for individual settings, so you can choose between increased comfort or greater body control.

TVCLH-A compression stage damping (Twin Valve Compression Low Highspeed – Adjustable)

With 6 precise clicks at low speed and 14 precise clicks at high speed of the compression stage damping, the cross sections of the valves are reduced or increased, so as to obtain more or less compression stage damping. The "TVCLH-A" technology has a blowing characteristic with large cross sections which allows low speed forces for optimum vehicle body reinforcement without lifting the body at high wheel induced damping speeds (curbing over ). The separate adjustment for low and high speeds always comes with an additional rebound setting ("TVR-A" technology) for dependent 3-way damper adjustment.




Need to get down? ST Aligners have continuous wire construction for moderate to extreme height adjustment! Each coilover is manufactured by KW automotive and its expertise and skills guarantee the highest quality and fantastic driving dynamics.

Once installed, the coilover ST X can be easily adjusted using a polyamide ring on the multi-sealed galvanized shock body.

The adjustment is different for each car, but generally you can expect between 35 and 65 mm of sag on both the front and rear axles. 

Improved driving dynamics and handling
Designed in collaboration with KW Germany, the ST X shock absorbers offer sporty handling by reducing body roll during compression and improving agility when driving fast. The high-quality manufacturing of each ST X coilover includes a low-friction, pressure-resistant housing, as well as a chrome-plated piston rod for maximum longevity. A one-piece guide and the ST sealing package ensure that the twin-tube shock absorbers remain free of dirt particles in all weather conditions.

Lowering with style - the ST X wraps
Individual lowering within the TÜV-tested setting range