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Sales and delivery conditions

Please read these terms and conditions of sale and delivery carefully.

General rules

These conditions of sale are the only ones recognized by Needforbraked of Andrea Pica (hereinafter Needforbraked), for all commercial transactions, unless special conditions agreed by us for exceptional reasons.


All prices indicated by us are unitary, VAT INCLUDED, excluding shipments and in Euro currency.
The prices indicated in the written offers sent by e-mail or on the Facebook page are valid for one month, unless otherwise indicated.
Needforbraked reserves the right in any case to review the prices communicated, following a significant change due to supply problems or fluctuations in official exchange rates or exchange rates of the pound sterling, giving notice to the customer, who has the right to cancel the order.


Orders can be placed by e-mail, telephone, Facebook page or using our On-Line shop.
Orders must clearly state the name or business name of the orderer, telephone number and postal address, plus any particular delivery method, desired delivery date and must of course all be true.
Incomplete orders will not be taken into account and will therefore be deleted.
Needforbraked reserves the right to request order confirmation, with a deposit or advance payment of the material depending on the customer.
The order confirmations requested by the customer are not binding if the materials ordered are not in stock.
The minimum quantities ordered are binding and are indicated in any offers and order confirmations, in the absence of information is understood as the minimum quantity of the single piece for materials in stock. 

Delivery and shipping

The delivery will take place according to the terms agreed at the time of the order. In the absence of agreements, we will send the goods according to the procedures we deem most appropriate and we will charge the shipping costs.
Orders will be processed as soon as possible.
In case of temporary unavailability of some items, we reserve the right to delay the delivery until the availability of the material.
If the waiting time is too long, we will inform the customer, who may decide in the meantime to send the available goods, in which case the shipment of the balance will always be borne by the recipient.
In the event that some order items are no longer available due to obsolescence or discontinued production, Needforbraked reserves the right to consider orders processed.
Remember that all orders are entrusted to couriers for final delivery to the customer. Needforbraked is not responsible for any damage, late delivery or loss of material, so the goods travel at the risk and expense of the consignee/customer, who may request to insure the shipment by paying the difference in cost.
Delivery times of standard products vary between 5-8 working days and are not binding.

Defective materials, incorrect delivery and damage

The customer is obliged to check the goods at the time of delivery.
The customer has eight (8) working days to make a complaint to us due to defects in the origin of the goods or incorrect delivery. After these days the goods will be considered accepted and any complaints will no longer be taken into account.
In case of acceptance of the complaint, the goods must be sent back to us with an assigned carrier with the courier indicated by us. The goods in this case will be replaced as soon as possible.
The customer may not accept the replacement of the goods by requesting a credit note from our sales office. However, there is no provision for the direct return of sums already paid.
In case of damage to the goods due to transport, the customer is required to notify the carrier (put the words damaged in the appropriate field). Needforbraked is not liable for damage caused by the transport of goods even if performed by couriers of our choice.
If present, the guarantee given by the manufacturer of the goods remains valid.

Right of withdrawal and refusal of the ordered goods

As required by current legislation regarding mail order, the private customer (NOT a VAT number holder) who makes a purchase by mail order has the right to cancel the purchase within 7 (seven) days of receipt of goods.
To comply with the right of withdrawal, the customer must give timely written notice (by registered letter with return receipt) and return the goods at his own expense. It is specified that the entire amount excluding shipping costs will be refunded.



All items that do not have a warranty granted by the manufacturer are not covered by the warranty. Due to the particularity of the materials processed, we do not accept any kind of charge due to defects in the materials delivered.
Needforbraked agrees to act as an intermediary between the end customer and the manufacturer of the materials purchased for any repairs.
Materials sent to the manufacturers or their legal representatives for repairs or replacements under warranty, travel at the risk, danger and expense of the customer.
There is no provision for replacement of materials under warranty by Needforbraked but only by the manufacturer.
Being only a reseller and not a manufacturer Needforbraked is not able to ensure the proper functioning of the devices sold.


The availability of the materials is understood to be except for the sold one and except for unforeseen events, unless different indications are given in the offer or in the order confirmation.



The payment methods are defined before the delivery of the material.
Generally, the purchase is made in advance through the secure purchase on Paypal circuit or by bank transfer.

Payments by bank transfer are considered valid only after actually receiving the agreed amount on our account.

Payment on delivery is accepted unless the amount is less than 999.00 euros and provides a surcharge of €12 for the practical management by the courier.
Failure to pay an invoice authorizes the suspension of supplies.

Personal data

The data provided by the customer for invoicing purposes is considered to be accurate, even if the billing information systems indicate any errors. The customer is obliged to report any errors in the personal data without delay. Any changes in personal data by the customer must be reported promptly.
Needforbraked can not be held responsible for misunderstandings or inconveniences resulting from the use of personal data provided incorrect by the customer.
Connections to the Needforbraked site are not made through a secure connection (SSL), except for the credit card transaction which is handled directly on a secure server by Paypal europe.
Needforbraked assumes no responsibility for the data provided via the internet (order form and quote form) or email.


Processing of personal data

The processing of personal data is done by manual, computer and telematic means in the manner provided and in any case with all necessary precautions to ensure the protection of information and its confidentiality as per GDPR 2018.
Personal data are processed by Needforbraked for purposes related to its business and then the issuance of documents and communications relating to business relationships.
According to GDPR 2018, the person concerned has the right to know the existence of an archive containing his personal data, the use Needforbraked makes of his data, the deletion of his data from the archives, except those necessary for legal and fiscal purposes and all those rights that the GDPR 2018 grants him.

The custodian of the personal data of all customers is:

Needforbraked by Andrea Pica
VAT NUMBER 02822430605

Acceptance of standards

The issuance of an order or request for quotation to Needforbraked, made by any means, implicitly indicates the acceptance of all the conditions indicated on this page.

Miscellaneous and possible

These conditions are completed by the pages on our services, on the materials treated and on the price lists.
All brands treated by Needforbraked are the exclusive property of their respective manufacturers.

Needforbraked does not assume any responsibility for indications given by third parties.

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