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Endless ME20 

ME20 è una mescola semi-metallica sviluppata per le corse e i rally. È un gradino più in alto per quanto riguarda il mordente iniziale ed è più "diretta" per quanto riguarda la potenza dei freni. Originariamente è stato sviluppato per le auto Super Touring del BTCC, dove la trazione è elevata grazie all'assetto delle sospensioni e alle mescole dei pneumatici. La sensazione del pedale e la potenza dei freni sono eccellenti e uguali in tutta la gamma di velocità, con una facile modulazione in tutti i casi. Con il ME20 è possibile effettuare frenate molto brusche e tardive in curva. Come per l'attrito e il mordente, il ME20 è un passo avanti nella resistenza al calore rispetto al ME22 e ha dimostrato un'ottima stabilità delle prestazioni dei freni a temperature elevate dei dischi, superiori a 650 °C. Le caratteristiche di usura delle pastiglie e dei dischi sono basse e, in condizioni di freddo e di bagnato, mantiene la stessa eccellente resistenza all'acqua.


ME20 is a semi-metallic compound developed for racing and rally. It is a step up initial bite and is more “straight-forward” with regards to brake power. Originally developed for BTCC Super Touring cars where you have high traction afforded by suspension set-up and tire compounds. The pedal feel and brake power is excellent and equal across the speed range with an easy modulation in all instances. With ME20 it is possible to perform very hard and late braking into corners. As with the friction and bite the ME20 is a step up in heat resistance compared to the ME22 and it has shown a very good stable brake performance at high disc temperatures over 650 °C. The wear characteristics of both pads and discs are low, and for cold weather and wet conditions it retains the same excellent resistance to water fade.

  • Friction: 0,35-0,40μ

  • Heat levels: 150-800°C

Endless ME22

ME22 è un ulteriore sviluppo della nostra popolare mescola ME20. La ME22 lubrifica il disco meglio della ME20 e può avere un minore sviluppo di temperatura. La ME22 ha le stesse proprietà di base della ME20 ed è adatta sia alle auto da corsa che a quelle da strada e da pista.


ME22 is a further development of our popular ME20 compound. ME22 lubricates the disc better than ME20 and can have less temperature development. ME22 has the same basic properties as ME20 and is suitable on both race cars and street/trackday cars.

  • Friction: 0,33-0,38μ

  • Heat levels: 150-800°C

Endless N35S

N35S has a slightly higher initial bite than ME25 and represents straighter line between initial bite and brake power. It is still easy to control and a special characteristic is that the driver can initiate light braking with a slight touch of the pedal and then directly continue into a hard braking manoeuvre with high pedal pressure if it is requested. The lock up tendencies are low and it has the same easy modulation as ME25. N35S has proved to be very well balanced in both wet and dry conditions, which has made it very popular in rallying for both tarmac and gravel. It is also excellent for race cars with a very high traction and down force. This compound is very much liked by drivers that prefers not to use such a high pedal pressure, and would like to have a quick initial bite and in that way keep the overall speed up and a good rhythm of driving. The high heat resistance is the same as ME20 and ME25, and so are the low disc and pad wear characteristics.

  • Friction: 0,42-0,52μ

  • Heat levels: 300-800°C

Endless N39S

N39S shares many properties with N35S but has a step higher initial bite and better performance while modulation is still very good. Also, this compound gives a quicker response and builds up the friction exceptionally well starting at cold temperatures. N39S has excellent temperature resistance and will show low pad wear.

  • Friction: 0,42-0,52μ

  • Heat levels: 0-850°C

Ferodo Racing brake pads DS Performance DS2500 DS3000 DS Uno

Ferodo DS Performance (P): DS Performance is formulated to minimise disc wear compared with similar competitors’ products… and most importantly - excellent performance with a µ even during fade of 0.46+

DS Performance pads deliver a superb performance both hot and cold. Excellent wet recovery properties, great resistance to fade and consistent pedal feel complete all requirement for a safe, reliable and efficient high performance brake pad.


Ferodo DS2500 (H): This race developed pad has all the qualities for a world beating high performance street pad. Its consistent coefficient of friction (0.50) at any temperature low or high gives very predictable braking and great pedal modulation. This new generation of friction material is very low in compressibility ensuring a firm pedal feel, whilst still providing great life for both rotor and pad.

Combined with the low dusting of the wheels and low noise this product is “the” brake pad for driver who demands the ultimate in braking performance.


Ferodo DS3000 (R): Ferodo’s DS3000 material has a very high and consistent coefficient of friction (0.62) at any temperature or speed.

These characteristics provide superior predictability throughout the braking zone. Requires less pedal pressure avoiding over-braking and heat generation for extended rotor life. Very high initial bite and less “off-brake to pedal response”, thus decreased lap times.


Ferodo DS UNO (Z): is the new racing material of Ferodo Racing of the DS3000 family that will progressively replace the compounds DS2.11 ( X ) , DS3000 Endurance ( E ) , DS3000 Plus 03 ( M )

This new product has recently been approved in the most important races of GT, Tourism, Formula and Rally.

The technical objective of the new compound is to offer a higher friction coefficient improving the life of the disc and the pad itself ensuring the best modulation throughout the duration of the competition.

An important feature of DSUNO is that it significantly reduces the risk of wheel locking compared to many other competitive brake pads with a similar coefficient of friction. 

Its characteristics are:

  • Excellent modulability

  • Long life of the pads

  • Excellent durability and final disc condition

  • Average aggressiveness from the start of braking

  • Constant performance

  • Always consistent and steady pedal

  • High friction coefficient at all speeds and operating temperatures

Ferodo DS3.12 (G): is the newest racing material of Ferodo Racing developped in GT class

• High friction coefficient and high initial bite
• ABS compatible
• Longest pad life of Ferodo Racing range under heavy duty track use
• Applications: recommended for track use on larger vehicles with ABS such as GT4 and GT3, sprint and medium duration races (up to 6 hours)
• Reproducible and stable performance up to 850°C under all pressure and speed conditions

Ferodo Racing
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EBC brake, ebc yellowstuff

Available brake compounds

GreenStuff: Designed as a first level brake pad upgrade, EBC's Greenstuff pads are best suited for cars up to 200BHP and is fully tested and approved for road use. With a high initial brake effect, the pad is designed to work effectively from cold, giving the driver confidence from the very first application of the pedal. With proven performance gains over original road pads, Greenstuff pads are capable of providing better braking results up to temperatures of 600°C with a nominal friction coefficient of 0.55.


Main Advantages

• Fully road legal
• Effective braking performance at both hot and cold temperatures
• Suitable for cars up to 200BHP


RedStuff: Manufactured with high performance road cars in mind, Redstuff brake pads are suitable for cars that are over 200BHP. With the pad material being Kevlar fibre based and enhanced with Ceramic particles, the braking performance is a major step forward when compared to standard road pads, this combined with very low dust emissions makes this pad a firm favourite for fast road applications. It has also been manufactured to overcome brake noise and help reduce disc wear. Being a hardwearing pad, it has been known for the bedding in period to be anywhere up to 1000 miles. However once they are bedded in, the results are very impressive.


Main advantages

• Kevlar fibre based enhanced with ceramic particles
• Very low dust
• Good performance from cold
• Able to withstand repeatedly heavy braking


Yellowstuff: The Yellowstuff pad is EBC's full-on race pad, delivering excellent braking performance both at high temperatures and also from cold, thanks to an aramid fibre construction. As such these pads do not need warming up, however they do get stronger once up to temperature. The pad is also suitable for certain fast road applications.


Main advantages

• Hign friction coefficient

• Full race pad
• Performs well at both high and low temperatures


Bluestuff: EBC's Bluestuff competition pad is their latest competition compound that also works well from cold, making it ideal for certain heavier high performance road cars (like Subaru Imprezas, Mitsubishi Lancer  Evos). If you are using Yellowstuff for racing, changing to Bluestuff will mean longer lasting pads as well as improved braking. 

Main Advantages
• Full race pad with added pad life
• Performs well at both high and low temperatures
• Suitable for road use on certain applications



ebc brake pads compounds
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